How To Fit Your Tempered Glass

This is a simple guide on how to fit your tempered glass to your phone.

You may now be thinking why do you need tempered glass Read This

In your pack you will find your tempered glass sheet, wet wipe and dry wipe.

1. The first thing to do is to clean your phone screen use your wet wipe to first clean your screen.
2. Using your dry wipe using lots and lots of small circles start drying your screen.
3. Once you have completely cleaned your screen (you may see at certain angles circles showing this is OK as long as all the dirt of off your screen).
4. From now on do not touch your phone screen.
5. Now get your tempered glass be sure to be very careful.
6. Holding the tempered glass downwards so you don’t get dirt on the sticky part of your tempered glass.
7. Slowly in a single motion pull back the cover on your tempered glass under is a thin layer of glue.
8. Make sure you line up the phone and tempered glass exactly then stick the tempered glass to the screen in a single motion.
9. Very quickly now starting rubbing your the tempered glass against your screen removing all bubbles so it fits perfectly.

You may not find this very easy at all.

We will fit the tempered glass for you in any shop or if you buy a tempered glass with your phone repair.

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